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Audition material is not only needed for theatre auditions (my background is in theatre, so I have realized that the past few blogs have been solely dedicated to theatre – sorry!), but also film, television, and even radio. The spectrum of performance opportunities is large in this business, so monologues for auditions might need to be able to bridge between theatre, film, theme parks, and beyond. This blog will be dedicated to bridging the gap between (primarily) theatre and television (Disney auditions, Nickelodeon auditions, etc.) for a group I have yet to talk about: young male actors.

Occasionally, I am approached by parents who are totting their kids around to auditions for Disney, Nickelodeon, or professional theatre. Often, they are in need of suggestions for audition material that will make their kid’s audition stand out. One of the best suggestions I give for a boy’s audition is “Proud of Your Boy,” a song cut from Disney’s Aladdin (due to plot changes in the film). It is relatively unknown and usually not done by boys ages 5-18 – and it is timeless, so it can stay in your kid’s book for years. I know guys in their late twenties who still audition with this piece. It is gorgeous and effective. Even better, it is not part of a blockbuster Disney musical like Mary Poppins, The Lion King, or Beauty and the Beast, so you won’t run the risk of your kid singing something from the show they are auditioning for (unless it’s Aladdin – dare to dream!). Check out this recording (below) of Clay Aiken singing “Proud of Your Boy,” a recording that really soars and reads beautifully.

Moving on to an audition that is a little more difficult (and by “little more difficult,” I mean much more difficult), I would be remiss if I did not mention “Kiss the Air” by Scott Alan. It requires unbelievable control, breath support, and musicality, but the benefits of mastering it for auditions could be great. It is appropriate for young men aged 18 to 30(ish), and deals with pretty heavy subject matter. The piece can be cut down to a pretty intense 32-bar audition if done correctly. If I could give a piece of advice for auditioning this, it would be DO NOT RUSH IT. Take your time in the room; do not rush your accompanist. Take the moment to showcase your voice – they will stay with you. Below is a recording of “Kiss the Air” performed by Danny Calvert, an incredible vocalist.

Okay, ladies… I did not forget about you this time. Here’s a recording of Natalie Weiss singing “Kiss the Air.” This piece is a good, androgynous selection for the audition book.

As always, if you have any questions or comments, you can find us at @monologues4auds on Twitter.

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